3 Things That You Shouldn't Wear When Visiting A Haunted House

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3 Things That You Shouldn't Wear When Visiting A Haunted House

19 October 2017
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If you are thinking about visiting a haunted house this Halloween season, you could be wondering what you should wear. Even though a lot of haunted houses don't exactly have dress codes, the outfit that you wear will have an impact on how much you enjoy the experience. These are a few things that you probably will not want to wear to a haunted house.

1. Uncomfortable Shoes

Even though you might want to look nice when you're enjoying the fall festivities, now probably is not the time to wear your high-heeled shoes. You may find yourself walking on uneven or vibrating flooring, which could cause you to trip and fall if you're wearing high heels. Additionally, you might end up having to run at some point while you're at the haunted house. Athletic shoes are probably going to be your best bet when going to a haunted house, but at the bare minimum, you will want to wear flat shoes that fit well and that are relatively comfortable.

2. Too-Light Clothing

Unless you live in a particularly warm climate, it might be a bit chilly at night when you visit a haunted house. Many haunted houses have long outdoor lines or outdoor components, or you could end up going on a hay ride or a corn maze. Therefore, you're probably not going to want to wear short sleeves or anything else that might not keep you warm enough. Instead, consider covering your arms with long sleeves and wearing a cozy sweater or something else that is going to keep you warm. If you dress in layers, you can always take off the extra layers if you do find yourself getting a little hot after running away from the chainsaw.

3. Too-Tight Clothing

Another thing that you probably aren't going to want to wear when you're at a haunted house is too-tight clothing. After all, if your clothing is too tight, it could restrict your movement when you try to hurriedly navigate through the haunted house. Plus, when you're trying to enjoy yourself, you probably don't want to find yourself tugging and pulling at clothing that is too tight. Therefore, consider rocking an outfit that is loose and comfortable.

If you're planning an upcoming visit to a haunted house, you could be wondering what you should wear for the big event. If you avoid wearing these three things to the haunted house, you should have no problem ensuring that you're dressed properly for a fun and spooky night.