Hiring Entertainment For A Sweet 16 Party: Four Fun Options To Consider

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Hiring Entertainment For A Sweet 16 Party: Four Fun Options To Consider

5 November 2017
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When planning your teen's sweet 16 party, you want to make sure the event is special. One way to do that is to hire entertainment for the party. If you are unsure about what type of entertainment to have at the party, here are a few fun options to consider as you begin the planning process.

Sweet 16 DJ

Keep the music going throughout the party by hiring a sweet 16 DJ. Look for a DJ who will work with you and your teen to create a custom playlist. Ask if the DJ offers any lighting systems so you can determine if you'll need to rent disco balls, laser lights, or other accents for the dance floor. Your DJ should be willing to work with you to create a custom playlist for the event, and some DJ services even have websites that let you choose all the songs you'll want played at the party. Be sure to pick a few tunes that include group dances so all the guests can join the dance floor.

Dance Instructors

In addition to hiring a DJ, consider hiring dance instructors who can lead your teen and his or her friends in a few dances. You can choose from hip hop, salsa, and even ballroom dancing. The dancers can put on a performance first, and then teach everyone how to do some of the components of that dance. This offers a fun way to keep everyone engaged during the party, and it makes for some great picture-taking opportunities too.

Stand-Up Comedian

If your teen is always watching comedies or stand-up specials, hiring a stand-up comedian is a wonderful option for the party. Partner with a local booking agency to hire a comedian, and discuss any language or topics you don't want discussed. Some comedians will tailor their regular sets for parties to ensure age-appropriate jokes, while others have special routines written just for parties. You can even turn the party into a comedy special of sorts by booking several comedians and decorating the room to make it look like a comedy club.

Be sure to talk to your teen about what he or she wants before hiring any live performers, and look for ways you can get the crowd involved no matter which option you choose. For example, you can hire a comedian that includes audience participation in his or her routines, or you can work with your DJ to hype dance battles between guests for a bit of added fun.