Ways to Take Your Love of Mini Golf to the Next Level

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Ways to Take Your Love of Mini Golf to the Next Level

8 November 2017
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

If you're passionate about mini golf, you might visit your local course on weekends to play a round or two with family members or friends. Whether you enjoy the game in a relaxed way with plenty of laughs, or put a few dollars on the line and compete with friends, your local course likely offers enough challenges to keep you engaged. For some people, one or two games of mini golf each week aren't enough to satisfy their passion for the sport. If you find yourself in this category, here are some ways that you can take your love of mini golf to the next level.

Play in the Dark

Glow-in-the-dark mini golf centers are common in many cities, giving players a chance to test their skills in a challenging environment. Typically, courses of this nature are set up with glowing elements that indicate where to tee off and where the hole is located, as well as several other glowing areas that provide visual interest. The game is played entirely in the dark, and the music in such centers is commonly loud, providing you with a new challenge. Glow-in-the-dark mini golf is fun to play at night when outdoor mini golf might not be possible, as well as during the winter months if you live in an area that snow prevents you from playing outdoors.

Join a League

Many mini golf centers have competitive leagues that meet one or more times each week. If you're looking to satisfy your urge for playing more, a league may be the answer for you. With a league, you'll not only get a chance to make friends with people who share your love of the sport, but you'll also face some top-tier competition. This might be desirable if you're the best player among your family or circle of friends and you're longing for more challenges when you play. Contact mini golf courses like Bonanza Golf and Gifts to learn more about local leagues to join. 

Set Up Some Holes at Home

Many companies sell mini golf course products that can allow you to set up some holes at home. While you probably don't have the space or budget to go with nine or 18 holes, you may wish to set up three or even two holes in your yard. The fun part about doing so is that you can work closely with the company to come up with a custom design that blends challenge and fun. This way, whenever you have an urge to play, you can simply grab your putter and a ball and step outside.