3 Things To Do When Choosing A Sound System For Your Outdoor Event

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3 Things To Do When Choosing A Sound System For Your Outdoor Event

17 December 2018
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If you're hosting a special occasion or gathering outside, you'll need some type of sound system to ensure the attendees can hear the music, announcements, and keynote speakers throughout the event. To help you select the proper sound system, here are three things you should do.

1. Determine Where You Will Position the Speakers

There are a couple standard options for the positioning of your sound system's speakers. Some speakers are intended to rest on the ground or a subwoofer, but you have the option to hang some styles. Decide if you need to keep the speakers off the ground; if you won't have a barrier between the attendees and the speakers, you might wish to avoid this speaker style.

Should you decide to hang your speakers, you'll want to make sure that you have the appropriate type of equipment, like a truss or lift. Check that your speakers are compatible with any equipment that you have on hand and need to use for the event. 

2. Check How Far the Sound Needs to Travel

Run through your event's schedule and decide how far you want the sound to travel. This will vary in part based on the type of event you're hosting. For example, when hosting a concert, you want the sound to reach as many event attendees as possible.

You'll need to take a few measurements at your event site to determine how powerful your sound system's speakers need to be. Your sound professional can help you with this task. You'll use this information to decide how many speakers you need, where to position your speakers, to determine their maximum sound level. 

3. Consider the Layout for the Event

Generally, sound travels farther at an outside event due to the lack of walls or other solid objects that can act as sound barriers. However, this might not be the case for every single event. Some events might utilize temporary walls for privacy reasons or to lend organization to the gathering. Other events may erect temporary shelters, either to create defined gathering areas or to add protection from the elements.

If there will be some type of wall or barrier, take a moment to determine if you will need sound to penetrate these areas as well. You may prefer that these areas remain shielded from music, but you might wish to broadcast announcements to individuals in these areas. It's possible you'll want to use a more powerful speaker, or it might be better to outfit each "space" with its own speaker. 

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