Get It Right When You Hire a Sweet 16-Party DJ

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Get It Right When You Hire a Sweet 16-Party DJ

14 March 2019
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Having the right DJ present at a party can set the right tone for the whole event, and getting a great Sweet 16-party DJ is something your teen will thank you for doing. So how do you go about finding the best Sweet 16 DJ in your area?

The Equipment Matters

When you first meet with a Sweet 16 DJ, take the time to talk a little shop with them about their equipment. Folks who care about audio quality tend to be into their gear, and you'll get a sense of the DJ's enthusiasm pretty quickly when you bring up the topic.

Ask for references, too. Those who've used the DJ before will give you a solid idea of how well the equipment sound. Make a point to ask the folks providing references about the location, as poor sound quality may have as much to do with a bad location as with the gear.

Put Together a Playlist

The playlist is what's going to set the tone, and it's important to make sure you have all the songs your teen and their guests are going to love. Don't try to be cool and surprise anyone. When in doubt, simply ask your teen and their friends what they want to hear.

It's also a good idea to ask the Sweet 16-party DJ you're thinking about hiring to show you some of their standard playlists. Request a copy of the playlist and run through it on your own. If the transitions from one song to another feel a bit clunky, you may want to look around for a DJ who has a better ear for music. Keep an eye out for songs that might be inappropriate for the setting, too, because the DJ may play some unintentionally.

More Than Music

Nowadays there are plenty of people with laptops and speakers who fancy themselves to be DJs. A Sweet 16 isn't supposed to be a nonstop rave, and it's a good idea to break things up with small games, prize giveaways, and announcements.

You should also ask about backup options. Most DJs have at least one person familiar with audio who helps them move equipment around, and that individual is often the one who handles the gig if the DJ gets sick or if something comes up.

Contact a business like DJ Productions to find out what Sweet 16 DJs are available to help you out.