Things To Consider Before You Use A Lifeline

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Things To Consider Before You Use A Lifeline

13 August 2019
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

It's possible for your group to get considerably stumped when you're in an escape room, so rather than get frustrated with the experience, many escape rooms allow you to use a lifeline of sorts. For example, some escape rooms will hide a walkie-talkie somewhere in the room. If you're able to find it, you can call for help with one clue. Once you've uncovered this device, you may be tempted to use it as soon as you run into a roadblock. It's a good idea, however, to consider the following topics before you decide to call for help.

How Far Along You Are

While you won't necessarily know how many steps there are until you're able to solve the mystery and escape, you may have a general idea of how far along you think you are. For example, if you've solved the first two steps but have found yourself thoroughly stumped on the third, it's a safe bet that you're still very early in the process. There are two schools of thought here. One is to avoid using the lifeline until you're farther into the series of steps, while the other is to use it now so that you can continue moving forward. You'll need to decide what suits you best.

How Much Time Is Left

Before you use a lifeline, it's a good idea to check how much of the game's time has elapsed and how much time you have left. Regardless of how many steps you've gotten through, you should be wary of using your lifeline too early. At the same time, there's little value in holding onto it if you're spending several minutes trying to get through a single task and are having no success.

How Much Fun You're Having With A Step

In escape rooms, you can encounter steps that are difficult and frustrating — for example, there might be one that revolves around numerical patterns, and if you don't consider yourself to be a numbers person, this can be difficult for you. There are also steps that are challenging but fun. For example, you might be struggling, but also feel as though you're getting somewhere and feel a strong desire to solve the step yourself. It may be preferable to use your lifeline for help with a step that you're not overly enjoying. It's always a good idea to pitch the idea of using a lifeline to your group, reach a quick consensus, and then move forward accordingly.

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