Ways To Assess If An Amusement Park Ride Is Too Scary

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Ways To Assess If An Amusement Park Ride Is Too Scary

25 October 2019
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For many people, the best rides at a family amusement park are those that offer a high degree of scariness. A ride can be scary for a number of reasons, including the speed at which it travels or the trajectory that it takes, or possibly even its overall theme. If you're someone who enjoys visiting amusement parks but doesn't want to experience a ride that is frightening, there are several ways that you can assess a ride before you take it. There will definitely be some rides that you'll want to avoid, but many others that you'll feel comfortable to take. Here are some tactics that you can use to assess if a right might be too scary for you.

Research It First

Before you visit the amusement park, spend some time learning about its various rides online. Researching the park is always a good idea, as it will help you to learn about the park's various attractions so that you can make sure to visit them. The park's website may have different ratings on its rides to demonstrate how scary they are, while you can almost certainly find different blogs and forums about the park and read what people are saying. People are not shy to share their opinions online, so it shouldn't be difficult to get a general consensus about the scariness of a particular ride.

Ask Staff Members

Once you get to the amusement park and are considering getting in line for a certain ride, don't be shy about asking one or more staff members what the ride is all about. Explain that you're someone who doesn't want to be frightened, and ask whether a particular ride is likely to scare you. Any staff member who is working around the ride should have a good understanding of what it entails, as he or she has likely ridden it. You might also talk to people in line to get their thoughts on the scariness of the ride.

Notice Riders' Reactions

It can also be useful to stand in a position where you can see people leaving the area after they've been on the ride. While you can ask them how it was, simply observing their faces and body language, as well as hearing what they're saying to one another, can tell you a lot about the scariness of the ride. If a lot of the riders are laughing and happily recalling certain parts of the ride, you can be confident that it wasn't too scary.