Why You Should Rent A Bounce House With A Ball Pit

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Why You Should Rent A Bounce House With A Ball Pit

27 December 2019
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If you're checking out the size, shape, and features of different bounce houses to throw a birthday party for your child, one thing to look for is a bounce house that has a ball pit. While bouncing is the name of the game for most inflatable attractions, the inclusion of a ball pit provides the bounce house with another feature that will delight the children. Bounce houses with ball pits can come in several styles, but a common feature is that the children will either be able to glide down an inflatable slide into a pit of plastic balls or bounce off a platform into the ball pit. Here are some reasons that you should rent a bounce house that has a ball pit.

It Offers More To Do

Bounce houses are such fun for children that it's a stretch to imagine any child at your son or daughter's birthday party getting bored. However, you can be confident that the inclusion of the ball pit provides even more fun for the group. While some children will be happy to bounce or use the slide as much as they can, those who want a change of scenery can focus on playing in the ball pit. Such an activity can be contagious, and pretty soon, you might see that most of the children are happily "swimming" around in the ball pit.

It's Good For Large Groups

You should always rent a bounce house that is of an appropriate size for the number of children who will be attending the party. However, if your bounce house is slightly on the smaller side, you'll appreciate the inclusion of the ball pit. For example, if not everyone at the party can bounce in the designated bouncing area at the same time, then the other children can play in the ball pit. This is preferable to the other children having to stand outside of the bounce house and wait for their turn.

It Offers A Way For Parents To Get Involved

Generally, the parents who attend the party will be happy to stand around and watch the children have fun in the bounce house. However, there may be some parents who are keen to get involved in some way. While they might be too big to bounce, they're not too big to play in the ball pit. A parent might have fun gathering up a handful of balls and gently tossing them at children as they slide down the slide, for example.

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