A Fun Night Out That Doesn't Involve Getting Drunk

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A Fun Night Out That Doesn't Involve Getting Drunk

25 February 2020
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A ladies' night that is spent at a bar lounge can provide you and your co-workers with some relief from stressful job duties. If you aren't much of a drinker, you may be concerned that you will seem like a bore if you do not take part in sharing a pitcher of beers or alcoholic cocktails. Fit into the festivities by learning what the venue has to offer, pacing yourself, or sticking to fruity concoctions that don't contain alcohol.

Many Activities

You may have the misconception that drinking heavily will make you seem more interesting. This is far from the truth, and many people who overindulge are going to regret their actions at some point. Feeling dizzy, vomiting, speaking flirtatiously to others, or trusting someone who could cause harm are some of the outcomes of drinking too much.

Be proud of the fact that you are going to be level-headed during the outing. This will allow you to experience all aspects of the lounge atmosphere. If a band will be performing or if a tournament is taking place that attendees are welcome to sign up for, get involved in an activity that appeals to you. If the venue offers a full menu, plan on having your dinner at the lounge prior to participating in the activities that are lined up for the evening.

An Occasional Alcoholic Beverage Or A Mixed Drink 

If you can tolerate one alcoholic beverage but are certain that you won't want to drink anything that is strong, order a wine spritzer or a blended cocktail that has been heavily watered down. You will be fitting in with your peers by sharing in a round of drinks, but you won't be at risk of becoming intoxicated. If you choose to go up to the bar to order your drink, you will not need to reveal to the others that your drink doesn't contain much alcohol.

Another option is to order a mixed drink that does not contain any traces of alcohol. Order a fruity beverage that consists of a blend of fruit juices and fruit chunks. The bright color of the drink may make the beverage appear to be something exotic and potent, but it will actually be a refreshing beverage that will parch your thirst. After enjoying the outing and getting ready to head home, check on your peers and offer a ride home to anyone who appears to be intoxicated.

To learn more about your options, contact a bar lounge.