Are You Including A Home Theater In Your New House?

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Are You Including A Home Theater In Your New House?

21 May 2020
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As you design your dream house, are you including a home theater as part of the floor plan? If so, designing that room might be the most fun of your home decorating. Maybe you have hired professionals to set up the technical part of the room that includes a large screen, lighting, and a state-of-the-art sound and projection system.

While you might not have the knowledge of how to establish the technical aspect of your home theater, maybe you feel very comfortable in how you will decorate the room. Even so, you might be looking for suggestions that might help you to decorate in a fun and unique way. You've come to the right place for that. Read on for some ideas that might help.

The Furniture — Have you noticed how five-star movie theaters now have reclining seats in them? Think of following suit as you select the furniture for your home theater.

Consider how large the room will be as you plan the seating. For instance, will there be enough space for two or more rows of reclining chairs? If the space is smaller than that, consider getting a wrap-around sofa that has reclining seats as part of the design. Besides the reclining seats, choose seating that has trays and cup holders in strategic places. Remember that there might be spills while people enjoy a movie in the dark. With that in mind, leather would be a perfect upholstery choice for the seats.

The Decor — Obviously, a movie theme will be a great way to decorate your new theater. It's the personalized part that will make the decor unique.

Right outside of the home theater, an authentic clapboard with a chalkboard back would be a good way to indicate what's showing. Besides writing the name of the movie on the clapboard, you can indicate a specific name of the director or actors. Choose a personalized home theater marquee, too. Your last name could be at the top of the marquee, and words like, "Enjoy The Latest Movie Release With Jane And John" would be strategically placed in the marquee.

Think of putting framed posters of classic movies on the walls of your movie theater. Another idea would be to frame large photos of famous movie stars for the walls. Add to the fun by including glamor shots of each of your family members along with the movie star's photographs.