Introduce Flying Effects During A Corporate Event

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Introduce Flying Effects During A Corporate Event

23 December 2020
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Renting a theater and hiring a team of entertainers who use flying effects throughout a live production will make a corporate outing captivating. Upon the completion of the show, consider signing your employees up for a workshop, which includes practicing some of the flying techniques that you and the others viewed during the show.

Ropes, Rigging And Lifting Equipment, And Stage Sets

A series of ropes are secured to rigging equipment, allowing a team of performers to safely execute movements while suspended in the air. The imagery that one experiences during a flying scene looks realistic and an audience will focus on the actors and actresses, without seeing any signs of a behind-the-scenes crew operating the ropes necessary for elevation.

To make a flying act more believable, stage sets and props are utilized. The backdrop, the lighting, and the performers' clothing and accessories are all important details that are carefully prepared during the setup of a stage. 

A Unique Take On Flying

Some performance companies offer a series of live shows, which can be conducted at a rental venue that includes a stage and a sound system. Some performances that include a high level of flying activities and a large group of performers may require the use of a large stage, whereas more basic shows that aren't long in length and that won't involve a lot of specialized movements can be conducted from a standard-sized stage.

During a performance, music is usually incorporated, and the songs may include classic hits or trendy rock tunes that will prompt audience members to move to the beat of the music. Contact the owner of a performance company that utilizes flying visuals and inquire about the lineup of shows and the length of each one.

If you are going to be renting a theater for a set amount of time, coordinate the live show so that you and your employees will have plenty of time to meet up at the theater and be seated, prior to the beginning of the performance. 

The Ability To Fly Alongside Trainers

A workshop that is led by a team of performers and choreographers will provide you and your workers with some insight on how flying effects are executed. After learning how a rigging and rope system works, you and the others will have the opportunity to participate in some flying exercises. Safety equipment will be used throughout the training session.

For more information about theatrical flying effects, contact a local professional.