Properly Storing Fireworks You Purchase In Advance Of An Event

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Properly Storing Fireworks You Purchase In Advance Of An Event

27 May 2021
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If you are in charge of purchasing fireworks for a large event, and you have never had the honor of this task in the past, you are likely to wonder how to store the items you obtain so they are ready to use when the event date rolls around. Improper storage of a large number of fireworks can put property at risk for fire damage, and can also cause you to lose the stash you need to provide entertainment for your guests. Here are steps that ensure the fireworks you purchase are ready for display when they are needed.

Decide Upon The Amount Of Room Needed

If you intend on purchasing a rather hefty load of fireworks, you need to have an area where you are able to keep pieces without stacking them into a heap, where they are at risk of damaging one another. Before you head to a fireworks store or make a large purchase online, ensure that you have the space needed for storage. Be sure to check out the dimensions of larger firework pieces so you have an adequate amount of room available for their safekeeping.

Purchase Storage Tubs To Keep Out Moisture

If your fireworks get wet, you will be unable to light them and enjoy their beauty during the planned event. Fireworks need to be kept completely dry until they are used. The best way to ensure moisture does not damage your goods, is to place them inside plastic storage tubs with locking lids. These are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased in an array of dimensions, ensuring that your fireworks are kept snug and dry inside. They also have the added benefit of being able to be stacked on top of one another, helping you to keep large amounts together until they are to be used. Store fireworks inside their original boxes so you have instructions handy. This is also an added layer of protection against moisture damage.

Remove Potential Hazards From The Storage Area

Since fireworks are a hazard if they come into contact with fire, they need to be stored in an area away from any type of flame source. Make sure they are in an area where no one besides yourself and people you trust has access to. Keep them in a spot where children and pets are not present. Remove any flammable items from this location, including petroleum products, like gasoline and kerosene. Do not store them near fertilizers or any type of heater. Remove all paper products, including cardboard, from the location you intend on using to store your fireworks.

For more information about buying fireworks, contact a wholesale fireworks company.