Tips for Buying Horror Movie Soundtracks on Vinyl

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Tips for Buying Horror Movie Soundtracks on Vinyl

25 October 2021
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If you're a movie lover, you recognize that so much of the experience comes down to things outside of the acting. The music sets the tone for a movie and the experience that viewers get. Horror movies are particularly reliant on music since they need you to suspend disbelief and immerse yourself into the twists, turns, eeriness, and haunting of the experience. To really dive into your love of horror films, you should look into collecting vinyl records for horror movie soundtracks. Below you will learn more about horror movie picture soundtracks and how you can stock up on them. 

Stream your favorite horror flicks and make notes of the songs that stand out and why

Take the time to binge on some horror movies so that you can see what catches your interest and attention. While you're watching the movie, jot down the moment in the movie so that you can find the name of the song and the artist once the credits roll. This can lead you down a journey of finding out as much as you can about the movie soundtrack and what went into its production. You might do research into the way the film was scored and may want to look into various composers and other artists that contributed. Be particular about notating what you like most about the songs as well, so that you can begin looking into other music. This way, you can begin building your collection based on what tickles your fancy. 

Look into some vinyl records that carry horror motion picture soundtracks on vinyl

Horror movie soundtracks are some of the most prolific, so take the time to explore the genre. Find some of the highest quality horror soundtracks on vinyl by checking your local record store. Many record stores will have entire sections set aside for movie soundtracks, while you'll have to do some digging with others. You'll love vinyl records because they have impeccable sound quality, and allow you to enjoy many of these soundtracks in the way they were intended. 

Store and take great care of your vinyl collections

Finally, make sure that you also take the time to get the best from your vinyl records. Hang onto the original album art and packaging and stack the records on a bookshelf or in crates. Don't allow the records to get too dusty, and be mindful about the amount of weight that you allow them to endure whenever they are stacked and organized. 

Consider the points above so that you can start exploring horror vinyl collections