3 Ways To Build Anticipation With Family Fun Activities

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3 Ways To Build Anticipation With Family Fun Activities

28 November 2022
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When you plan family activities, the activity itself can provide a lot of excitement, but so can the events that lead up to the activity. Build some mystery and excitement when you plan out family activities. You can use a wide range of activities that relate directly to the event and create a lot of memories along the way.

Check out some of the unique ways to build anticipation with family fun activities. Choose an option that fits your children's personalities and interests.

1. Mystery Puzzle

If you have any brochures or pamphlets for the family activity, then you have the opportunity to cut them up and create a fun puzzle for children to solve. Cut the printed materials into small pieces. Once a child puts the puzzle together, they will see the big reveal of the family activity.

If you don't have any printed material, then consider a digital puzzle. Many free services allow you to upload a picture and have the picture turned into a puzzle. A child can use a mouse to guide the puzzle pieces along and form the complete photo. You could choose an official photo and logo from the place or make it challenging with a photo that features no text.

For families with multiple children, you could set up puzzles on separate devices and turn the activity into a fun race.

2. Printed Out Maps

Once you know the location of the family activity, you could print out maps for children to follow. The map could feature the activity location and your journey to get there. You could label the map with a bunch of visuals to spot along the way. Children can look for those visuals as they go on the car ride.

They will know how far down the map they have gone and have fun with the trip. The simple activity will provide some fun during the car ride. Along with traditional maps, consider printing out satellite views of the area as well. 

3. Scavenger Hunt Clues

Set up three hidden clues around the house that relate directly to the activity. For example, if the activity involves mini-golf, then you could hide a golf ball in one area and a small little scoring pencil in another. Once a child collects all of the clues, they can try to figure out what family activity you have planned for everyone.

The game builds a lot of excitement and a child gets the opportunity to use a lot of critical thinking.

Try out some of the ideas the next time you plan family activities.