3 Things To Expect When Attending A Live Comedy Show

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3 Things To Expect When Attending A Live Comedy Show

24 February 2023
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If you have never attended a live comedy show, or haven't done so in a long time, you may be wondering what to expect during the experience. Of course, you can expect to laugh. However, there is much more to it. Here are a few other things to expect at a comedy theater event:

Not Everything Always Goes as Planned

Although every comedian has a show planned and scripted, not everything goes as planned and they are well aware of this. The fun part is that you get to see how everything plays out when they are dealing with things like staticky microphones, funky lighting, jokes that flop, and props that fail. Even when everything seems to go right, keep your eye out for small issues that challenge planned programming.

For example, you might notice that the comedian goes to reach for a glass of water or a towel that isn't there. It can be interesting to see how they recover without completely interrupting the show. You might notice people running around on the sidelines trying to address a sound or visual display issue. If you're observant, you're sure to see lots of things happening that are not going quite as planned.

There's Usually a Heckler or Two

Something that is common among live comedy shows is that there is usually at least one heckler in the crowd. The heckler is typically trying to ruffle the comedian's feathers and might boo a joke that everyone else laughs at or challenge a scenario that the comedian lays out. For the most part, it is all fun and games. However, if drinking alcohol is allowed at the event, things can get intense and a heckler might end up getting kicked out of the venue. Rest assured, these interactions between hecklers and comedians are generally just part of the entertainment.

You Can Gain Some New Perspectives

Any experienced comedian will tell you that there is always some truth in comedy. While some of the things comedians say are "their truth" and may not be yours, the fact remains that there is always an opportunity to gain some perspective on a topic that you might not spend much time thinking about in your daily life but that might affect your life in some way. So, go into the comedy show with an open mind and you may come out with some new perspectives that help you shape your world a little bit differently – for the better of course!