3 Unique Ways To Gift Pokemon Cards

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3 Unique Ways To Gift Pokemon Cards

31 May 2023
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

For multiple generations, Pokemon cards have been gifted, traded, and played with among children. The collectible cards feature a wide range of characters, designs, and unique features. If you have a Pokemon fan in your life, then you may want to treat them with some cards of their own. Instead of just purchasing a pack, you have the opportunity to gift Pokemon cards in some unique ways. Check out some of your options and consider these the next time you decide to shop for these collectible cards.

1. Booster Boxes

Instead of just purchasing single packs, you can really surprise a child when you purchase a whole booster box. A booster box will contain multiple packs of cards and can really increase the chances of obtaining some of the rarer cards. When you shop for a booster box, you will typically find a specific theme that all the packs are based on. The themes can include a large number of superpowers or themes based on specific Pokemon. Shop around to find the best options and the newest sealed booster boxes available.

2. Birth Year Packs

Pokemon cards have been around for multiple generations and you can find a wide range of sealed packs from different years and different generations. Find out what year the person was born and then search for packs from that year. The packs can have a special connection to the person and introduce them to some of the older versions of the cards.

Once you gift the cards, you can explain what year they came from and how the cards have evolved over time. You can follow an official checklist to see what cards came from that year and help build a whole collection.

3. Imported Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards are not just produced for the United States. The company that makes the cards releases millions of cards all across the globe. Instead of just purchasing local packs from nearby stores, you can shop online for international versions of the cards. For example, you could purchase a pack of cards with all Japanese writing. The cards will stand out among the collection and make interesting keepsakes for children. Use card guides to help translate the cards and know which powers each Pokemon has. In some cases, you may find cards with alternate artwork designs or details.

Plan ahead to find the best deals and bargains on various Pokemon cards. Contact a local card store to learn more about Pokemon cards.