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I have six children, so as you can imagine, I host my fair share of children's birthday parties! One thing I have learned is that no children's party is complete without good entertainment. I have hired clowns, magicians, and dance troupes to entertain my children during their parties, and they are always eager to see what I have in store for them as each of their birthdays arrive. I love party planning so much that I also help my friends and family plan all of their parties and helped my sister plan her wedding. I have learned a lot of great tips for entertaining children and party planning that I am very eager to share with everyone on my new blog!


3 Things That You Shouldn’t Wear When Visiting A Haunted House

19 October 2017
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

If you are thinking about visiting a haunted house this Halloween season, you could be wondering what you should wear. Even though a lot of haunted houses don't exactly have dress codes, the outfit that you wear will have an impact on how much you enjoy the experience. These are a few things that you probably will not want to wear to a haunted house. 1. Uncomfortable Shoes Even though you might want to look nice when you're enjoying the fall festivities, now probably is not the time to wear your high-heeled shoes. Read More …